BIG LIE™ Assessment


Your BIG LIE™ is your deepest belief that leads to self-defeating behavior. We all have one, and only one, BIG LIE™. Discover what your BIG LIE™ is and how to overcome its influence.

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Lifeline Self-Reflection

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Your past does not define your future, but it does have the power to limit your success. Build out your Lifeline Self-Reflection map to reflect on your self-talk and unlock your true potential.

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Own It. Shift It. Dump It. Model

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Silence your HeadTrash with this three-step process: Own it. Shift it. Dump it. This model allows you to see and understand your HeadTrash and what you need to do to dump it.

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shift-stuck questions

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You can only stop those nasty little voices in your head if you shift to the connected side of your emotional brain. Shift questions help change your perspective and move your mind to the solution.

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