People call me the “no-bullsh*t coach” for telling it how it is for over 25 years. I’m in the business of helping people harness their full potential by shifting their mindset to reduce anxiety, boost performance, and improve overall quality of life. I’m a speaker, writer, strategist, leadership expert, and proud Philly girl.

Renie's Background

I began my career in sales, marketing, and as a corporate trainer for major hotel companies before founding my leadership development and brand strategy firm, Aspire. While coaching thousands of leaders and shifting behavior, my research lab, RCI Institute, has built proven processes that improve performance and developed intellectual property that maximizes organizational potential.


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The Stevie® Awards for Women in Business, Bronze Innovation in Business Awards for 15 back-to-back years.
TrainingIndustry.com’s Top 20 Most Influential Training Professionals.
The Stevie® Awards for Women in Business, Silver Lifetime Achievement in Business Award.
Phoenix Business Journal's Outstanding Women in Business Award.


HeadTrash shapes our reality, sucks our energy, and shifts our focus from self-acceptance and inner peace to worry and fear. Dump your HeadTrash and you’ll change your life.

A daily guide to dumping your HeadTrash to transform your life and find more joy.

25 lessons learned from over 25 years in business for entrepreneurs and business leaders.

A how-to guide to being an intentional leader by engaging and aligning your team.

A how-to guide to turning on your team’s motivational switch and playing all in.